About Me

"What do I have a brush
Who can paint plum blossoms
With their perfume"

Mizuhara Shuoshi



Soumia is an architect and an artist and Nature lover. Today, She is based in Doha, Qatar — but I'll take any opportunity to travel!

When I'm not painting, you'll find me, Designing , cooking or spending time with my family.


In my Art work, I tried to simplify my canvas to keep only the essence of my object.
For this, fieldwork and contemplation are essential. These moments nourish my memory to become an inspiration for my imagination.
I mainly use watercolor, which responds most to my sensitivity. It's allowe me to experiment without being in control... At the same time actor and spectator... I co-create with water in an ephemeral time.

To finish, My process seems go beyond taming, towards an "enchantment" of the Nature whose subject is only an occasion of meeting.

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